After a few quite normal and nice days in Malaga, I was telling the people at the coworking office I was working at, that I probably wont come in next week.I was getting a bit nervous travelling on the train with more and more masks appearing, and more and more cases of the virus. When I got home we discussed not sending him to school next week either, a lot of the other parents were doing the same.

A few hours later we heard the office wouldn't be open anyway, and the school was closing, and then the announcement came, there would be a lock down starting Monday, and a little sooner in our province. Would it be like what we have been seeing in the media? Surely not as strict as China, where we see dramatic videos of people being welded in their apartment blocks, body bags on the streets, huge clouds of disinfectant administered by the military.

A few days later, and we are "Locked Down", we have to remain within the boundaries of our home, unless we are visiting a shop for food supplies. 1 adult per household is allowed to venture out to only the nearest reasonably stocked shop, or Pharmacy once per week, to buy essentials only. Police will check your receipts. Stores start to create a queuing system, lines where you can stand, taping up and closing the DIY sections (Not essential).
Dog walkers can take the dog out to do its business within a 50 meter radius of their home.
Only a few days later and we are seeing the same dramatic images from China right here in the country we live! Temporary mortuaries in the streets, disinfectant cannons,  Army on the streets, Police brutality, media control.. And suddenly we have the worst mortality rate in the world against population :(

Army on the Streets

Scary stuff! But within the boundaries of our house, a happy chilled out family home, with daily activities for our son, home cooked meals 3 times per day, learning to cook new things, music, laughter, stories, and improvisation.. Such as making an indoor beach with all our beach things and a projector and a looping video, a box fort on the terrace, and even a night camping in the garden, with a camp fire, and a movie on the wall. In-fact, our son even said he prefers garden camping now. The only thing we really miss is our little weekend holidays, and the beach!

From a personal health perspective, I've been exercising 3-4 times per week, keeping up with a whole food vegetarian diet, Plenty of fermented foods, Reading, Meditation, and making time for video calls.

'Box Fort' on the Terrace
Outdoor Movie by the Camp Fire - Garden Camping

Work wise I mostly worked from home anyway, so it feels quite normal, but my work load has increased 100%, and become 100% more difficult too, working with a child at home is difficult, and I've taken to working in the night times instead where I can take longer concentration spans, but it seems like many of my clients, rather than being understanding of the situation, have increased their expectations and lost all compassion!


As I write this, after 7 weeks in 'Lock Down' we are starting to have a few relaxations in rules this week, mainly;

  • Children are allowed out for a 1 hour walk/bike/scooter, within 1km of their home once per day
  • Adults are allowed 1 exercise session per day.

And great timing, as the weather is starting to hot up, long days of hot sun and in my opinion the best time of the year. I've forgotten how to walk.

I have felt really bad for the children, especially those that live in small apartments with no outdoor space, being inside for up to 7 weeks must be really difficult, and it was so nice to see them 'let out' to enjoy nature again.
Of course all the social media 'experts' are complaining, debating, condemning, and X-Splaining everything, and its starting to get quite irritating, so I'm staying in my little lockdown bubble.

The Future

It looks like we may have some kind of normality by the end of June, though for the forseeable, this virus isn't going anywhere, and I expect some measures will be re-introduced as the numbers go up and down.

The whole thing has highlighted just how quickly things can change, how quickly freedoms can be taken, but also how unimportant many things are. We still have Life, Health, Family, Creativity, Food and a Lovely Home.